Attorney Adam Anderson recently won a Will contest in eastern Pennsylvania, securing a family’s estate for its rightful heirs.

Several years ago, Edward, an elderly individual, had a Will prepared to enable certain individuals to inherit his estate and real estate.  Unfortunately, at the time this Will was prepared, Edward was suffering from a debilitating disease.  This disease was slowly killing him.  As a result, Edward was under intense medical care which included drugs that had the potential to cause him to suffer from medically induced delirium.

Fast forward to 2018 and unfortunately Edward succumbed to this disease.  As a result, the beneficiaries of his Will quickly ran to the Monroe County Courthouse to open his estate.  Assets were quickly liquidated and real estate was in the process of being transferred when Edward’s family came to Anderson & Labovitz for help.

Adam Anderson quickly Appealed the estate to the higher court based upon fraud.  Through concentrated investigation and an eventual hearing full of critical testimony, the court ultimately issued a full opinion finding the Will was indeed fraudulent and that Anderson & Labovitz’s client was the rightful heir to the family estate.

Stories like this are an unfortunate reality that some people ignore.  What can’t be ignored is that the vast amount of elder abuse is financial and unreported.  Should you or your family have concerns regarding an estate or such abuse, please don’t wait to act.  Contact Adam Anderson, at 412-209-3200 for a free consult and to learn how we can help.