The real estate/HOA attorneys of Anderson & Labovitz represent condominium and homeowner associations in Western Pennsylvania.  We provide a steady hand to condominium and HOA boards, assisting them with day-to-day governance, enforcement of community rules and regulations, and litigation when needed.  We help boards make sense of the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Community Act and Uniform Condominium Act, as well as the governing documents applicable to each planned community.  We also provide legal assistance to residents of condominiums and HOAs.

Our legal experience in HOA law covers a wide range of areas, including:

  • drafting and amending governing documents such as declarations, bylaws, rules and regulations;
  • general community governance;
  • enforcing covenants, rules and regulations;
  • running annual meetings;
  • collecting unpaid fees and assessments;
  • liens and foreclosures;
  • civil litigation, arbitration and mediation of disputes
  • developers turning over control of planned communities to residents;
  • director fiduciary duty;
  • fair housing and discrimination issues; and
  • contracting for association services.

We work closely and proactively with our clients in an effort to avoid surprises and protracted litigation.  We get to know the board members and residents who we represent.  We often meet with boards on location in their meeting rooms and clubhouses.

There are plenty of judgment calls that need to be made when overseeing a condominium and homeowner association.  You want the experienced HOA attorneys of Anderson & Labovitz by your side.

Consider Anderson & Labovitz your legal partner in business and life.  Call us now at 412-209-3200 or send us an email at wlabovitz@PaLawFirm.com to schedule a free, no-obligation conference to assess your needs.