“You helped when nobody else would.”

Estate Litigation Client:, F.D.

“We feel lucky to find a great firm like yours.”

Estate Client: , H.C.

“Thank you from all my heart.”

Litigation Client: , K.S.

“Let me start by thanking you…”

Estate Client: , F.D.

“You went the extra mile for me.”

Litigation Client:, L.A.

“Thanks for always having our back.”

Business and Litigation Client:, L.E.

“My heartfelt gratitude.”

Estate Litigation Client:, I.B.

“Perfect. Thanks again, Bill. Big weight off my shoulders.”

Litigation Client:, C.F.

“Thank you for everything you have done.  I truly appreciate it.”

Litigation Client: , A.T.

“Thank you a million times for the best news I’ve had in a year.”

Litigation Client: , J.H.

“I have never felt like I am just a client.”

Estate Administration Client: , J.F.

I greatly appreciate all your help today and I am glad I hired you as my attorney, you did a great job. I was impressed with Adam when I worked with him on our estate planning and I have the same great impression with your skills.

-Litigation Client: J.B.

Adam Anderson helped my wife and I create a will. He was great to work with–efficient, careful, making sure we had a plan that was right for us and our family. Highly recommended!

-Estate Planning Client: J.A.

I have used Bill in 2 cases dealing with employee issues. I found Bill to be very professional and straight forward. He was quick with call backs and answered all my questions. I Highly recommend Bill.

-Litigation Client: Anonymous

Attorney Anderson is hard working, personable and brings creativity to his cases. I have referred several clients to him and they were all pleased with his representation and the final results.

-Fellow Lawyer in Community: S.L.

Thanks, Bill, for all your help.  If anyone I know needs a business attorney, I will refer you!  But I must admit, you work way too hard.

Litigation Client: B.T.

I want to express my sincere appreciate for your fantastic legal expertise. I am very grateful to have had such an excellent attorney help my father. I will gladly refer you to anyone who needs a sharp, courteous, and excellent lawyer.

Estate Planning Client: D.M.

Thank you for your work on this crazy estate. It’s has been a wild ride but thank you so much for helping me through a challenging time. Many blessings!

Estate/Probate Client: C.C.

Thank you from all my heart for being my lawyer. I am grateful you are on this case.

Litigation Client: K.S.

Thank you so much for helping us go through this long process and put our mind at ease. We very much appreciate your willingness to spend time educating us on the basics and answering all our questions. We’re very impressed with your professionalism and will be happy to recommend you to our friends.

Finally thank you for the excellent conclusion letter which gives us clear instructions on the next steps. We feel lucky to find a great law firm like yours and will not hesitate to consult with your firm when legal matters come up in the future.

Estate Planning Client: H.C

Thanks for all your help. I tell everyone you are the best attorney I know.

Estate Client: K.P.

Adam is an example of a excellent attorney, not only does he give is all, he puts his heart and soul into helping his clients, I should know , my husband and I are his clients and would never choose another attorney

Litigation Client: S.C.

I have worked with Adam on numerous matters. He is aggressive and conscientious. I endorse this lawyer.

Lawyer in Community: J.T.

We are very pleased with everything you have done to this point and will refer any new business we may come across your way.

Estate Planning Client: D.C.

Wanted to say thank you for the kick a** objection you filed. Really impressive from a layman’s viewpoint.

Litigation Client: L.M.

It is my heart felt gratitude that I want to express to you for working with us in this unfortunate situation. God Bless you, your law firm and your families.

Estate Litigation Client: I.B.

Bill is very quick on his feet. It’s like going up against Darth Vader. We are overmatched.

Opposing Party in Lawsuit: D.C.

I wanted to say thank you. Not just for being my lawyer and helping me through the legal proceedings, which by the way you are super awesome at walking me through each piece of the process which I appreciate so much. But more than that, for your support, guidance, care, and concern. I have never felt like I am just a client; I truly feel like you care about my best interest, and for that I’m so grateful.

Estate Administration Client: J.F.

We cannot begin to thank you for all you have done for us. A lot of hours and dedication went into your preparation of our case and it was evident in your presentation and representation of us yesterday. We consider meeting you and working with you a blessing.

Litigation Clients: B.D. and C.D.

We received the [settlement] check. We are very happy with this result. Thank you so much for making our first brush with litigation an incredibly positive and smooth experience.

Litigation Client: D.C.

Let me start by thanking you. You have helped me when nobody else would and I won’t forget it. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you and wish you only the best.

Estate Litigation Client: F.D.

Adam, I just wanted to thank you for taking my case. It was the doctor that got him out of the home and you that got me sole guardianship.

Guardianship Client: D.W.

You are a class act! You should be so proud of the help you provide to so many.

Business Client: B.H.

I just wanted to give you an extra thank you for today. I am so pleased with everything and what you accomplished today for me. I truly and very grateful for that.

Litigation Client: S.P.