Business Law

The attorneys of Anderson & Labovitz mind your business.  We are equipped to assist small and mid-size businesses every step of the way from starting up to day-to-day operations to succession planning.

We want you to get it right from the beginning.  Forming a business is more than just filing paperwork with the Pennsylvania Department of State.  We recommend and structure the right entity for you and your company, taking into account your needs and objectives.  Some people do not form formal business entities and instead put themselves at risk by doing business as sole proprietorships and general partnerships.  In contrast, corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and limited liability companies may shield your personal assets from the risks involved in running a business.  There may be tax advantages as well.

As part of entity formation, we confer with you, prepare and file certificates of organization, and obtain tax identification numbers for your business.  We also assist you with corporate governance, including the drafting of customized operating agreements, partnership agreements, articles of incorporation and bylaws.  Such documents provide guidance to you and any business partners, limit disputes between partners, and limit the ability of adversaries to challenge the legitimacy of your business and to come after you personally in the event of a lawsuit.

We continue to assist business owners on legal matters so they can focus on doing what they do best.  Think of us as your go-to, outside general counsel for emerging and established businesses of all sizes across a myriad of industries.  We use our years of practice and our own experiences as small business owners to advise you on a variety of corporate, transactional, employment, policy, operational and compliance issues.

We review and draft legal documents that include contracts, leases and employee handbooks.  We do more than download forms from the web.  We prepare customized documents to address your needs, such as employment agreements and non-compete agreements with your employees, independent contractor agreements, and non-disclosure agreements and other specialized commercial contracts that you may need for operating your business.  Moreover, as you grow, we can help you add partners and transfer shares and membership interest in the company to others.

We also are there for you to head off legal problems in the workplace, such as disgruntled employees threatening to sue for discrimination.  We partner with our litigation team when a lawsuit is on the horizon.

Finally, we can help you exit the business that you have spent years building.  We work with our clients and partners in related fields, such as accounting and financial planning, to determine if the business should be handed down to the next generation, sold to the existing management team or sold to a third party.

Throughout the entire life-cycle of any business, it is important to work with experienced and trusted attorneys who can give you counsel and any litigation assistance necessary.  Our greatest concern is protecting and strengthening your business by giving practical advice in a cost-effective manner.

We have the legal knowledge and skills to protect your personal and business interests.  Consider Anderson & Labovitz your legal partner in business and life.  Call us now at 412-209-3200 or send us an email at to schedule a free, no-obligation conference to assess your needs.