Real Estate

The real estate lawyers of Anderson & Labovitz have decades of experience handling all types of real estate issues.  Whether the matter involves drafting a deed between family members, litigating over property lines, or representing clients with oil and gas concerns, our attorneys are equipped and skilled to ensure your goals are successfully accomplished.

We regularly handle:

  • Commercial and Residential Deed transfers, including quit claim, general warranty and others;
  • Partition actions;
  • Boundary line disputes;
  • Easements;
  • Right of way disputes;
  • Quiet title lawsuits;
  • Landlord and tenant claims and;
  • Sales agreements or real estate sales contracts.

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Partition lawsuits arise when there are multiple owners of a piece of property who no longer wish to own the property together.

There can be multiple reasons for this joint ownership.  Perhaps siblings inherited a piece of real estate from mom or dad, or maybe a previously married couple never completely divided assets, or, sometimes, old business partners or friends just jointly own a piece of property.

Regardless of the background, typically, one party winds up being saddled with the costs of maintenance and taxes, or liability for a variety of other issues, while the other is an “absentee” owner.

If you have found yourself in such an unfair situation, you have the right to force a change.

If you are tired of “footing the bill” for property you jointly own with another, or, if you are concerned about liability, you can count on us to zealously represent your interests in a partition action. Call us now at 412-209-3200 or send us an email at or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to assess your situation.