Anderson & Labovitz’s Adam Anderson recently successfully defended a removed executor of an estate who had followed the guidance of her former lawyer only to land her in hot water.

At the offices of Anderson & Labovitz, a new client sat distraught after having been removed as the Executor of her brother’s estate, sanctioned by the court, and facing a potential surcharge action against her for nearly $100,000 as a result of her actions during her tenure as Executor of the estate.

Adam Anderson quickly went to work submitting amended and supplemental filings to the Allegheny County Orphans’ Court to begin correcting what his new client had done through her prior lawyer.  He obtained a conference date with the Court to corral the parties to discuss the legal issues and ultimately began subpoenaing witnesses to lay support for his client’s story.

It wasn’t too long thereafter that the parties agreed to mediate the dispute with the newly appointed executor, a retired distinguished judge of Allegheny County.  At the mediation, Attorney Anderson successfully negotiated the dismissal of all claims against his client and even obtained the consent of all parties to withdraw the sanctions against her.  She was finally vindicated.

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