There are a variety of reasons people think about changing a name.  The most common reasons our clients seek a legal name change are to reflect changes in family and relationship status, such as marriage, divorce and the blending of families, and to affirm gender identity. Regardless of your reason or age, we’re happy to help you accomplish this goal. 

The process of changing a name is actually a bit simpler than you might think.  Sure, there is a bit of background work to collect all the information needed.  But, once we have the necessary information, it’s as simple as preparing a Petition, submitting the legal notice, and a short hearing to welcome the new you. Additionally, if you are uncomfortable about the reasoning, there are even ways to indicate the reason is merely just for the sake of the name being commonly used for you.

If you are interested in exploring a name change, call us now at 412-209-3200 or email to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to assess your desires.