Bill Labovitz and Kelly Arbogast, attorneys at Anderson & Labovitz, LLC, gave a presentation to a local business networking group on March 15 about their firm and a new federal law that imposes mandatory reporting obligations on companies.

Labovitz and Arbogast, who are civil litigators and business attorneys, appeared before about 25 members of the Synergy chapter of Business Network International (“BNI”).  Labovitz is a longstanding member of the chapter, which meets weekly on Friday mornings at the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Center.

Arbogast gave a crash course on the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”), which requires corporations, limited-liability companies and other business entities to submit certain information – including their legal and trade names, their principal places of business and the identity of “beneficial owners” to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, the criminal enforcement arm of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  A federal district court in Alabama recently ruled that the CTA is unconstitutional.

That ruling has been appealed. During her slide presentation, Arbogast broke down how to comply with the CTA in seven steps.

BNI is the world’s leading business referral organization supporting 300,000 member businesses in more than 79 countries worldwide, according to the BNI website.

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