Adam Anderson and Esther Rodgers were honored to lead an open forum for this 2022 Anderson & Labovitz Speaker Series event with Lockheed Martin Corporation.  Lockheed Martin Corporation is an American aerospace, arms, defense, information security, and technology corporation with worldwide interests.

The open forum focused on the legal and financial issues affecting the Sandwich Generation of adults, usually in their 40s and 50s, raising young children while also caring for their elderly parents.  Discussions involved the ways in which proper estate planning can remedy those issues and alleviate the burdens and stress associated with this population.

The attorneys at Anderson & Labovitz have been requested to speak to numerous companies, of various sizes, concerning the do’s and don’ts of Estates and Estate Planning.  If you would like to learn what Anderson & Labovitz can offer your work force and the benefits your employees can take away from one of our sessions, please call our office at (412) 209-3200 for free information. Or you can email Esther Rodgers at  For more information about our firm, visit our website at