Successful Will Contest in Monroe County

Attorney Adam Anderson recently won a Will contest in eastern Pennsylvania, securing a family’s estate for its rightful heirs. Several years ago, Edward, an elderly individual, had a Will prepared to enable certain individuals to inherit his estate and...Read More

The Four Essentials of Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of your most important tools when it comes to providing for your children, protecting your children and preserving your estate for your future as well as generations to come.  It is just as important...Read More

Protecting Your Assets in Life and Death

What happens when lawyers and insurance agents get together? You get interesting dialogue about safeguarding clients' assets in life and in death. Adam Anderson and Bill Labovitz, who are partners at Anderson & Labovitz LLC, spoke to about 15...Read More

The Unfortunate Guardianship

A concerned and very dedicated daughter recently found herself seeking representation in her mother's guardianship proceeding.  It was a very troublesome matter.  The client had taken her mother to the hospital for minor treatment of an injury.  Her mother...Read More

Ever Thought About Changing Your Name?

There are a variety of reasons people think about changing a name.  Some folks seek a name change to help their blended family blend a bit more.  Others are looking to distance themselves from prior relationships or name...Read More

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